Giuseppe Cappelletti


He was born in Trento, he was a lawyer and an active personality in the catholic movement of that time: he was promoter and then counsellor of the diocesan Committee and supporter and first president of the catholic Bank in Trentino in 1898, in favour of industrial activities of the area and local investment (this company was constituted as an alternative to the Bank of Saint Vigilius, a project by don Lorenzo Guetti).

He held representative roles within the Federation of catholic agricultural-workers’ Societies (SAOC) and the mutual aid central Fund: all activities to approach workers’ problems, felt in particular by the catholic movement.

In 1905 he became vice president of the Federation of cooperative Consortia, replaced by Emanuele Dalponte in 1911. During this period he took part in the debate on the management of wineries, proposing to establish a network to connect them, building some big wineries in the most strategic places of the territory, in order to optimise the organisation and the sale.

Further reading:

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