The Don Lorenzo Guetti Foundation, as a foundation with a budget of less than five hundred thousand euros, does not fall within the subjective scope of the Legislative Decree. 14 March 2013, n. 33 (cfr. art. 2 bis co. 2 lett. c) d.lgs. cit. , as amended by d.lgs. 25 maggio 2016, n. 97).

In this section will be published the data and information of which the foundation is still required to provide adequate publicity under the special discipline of national and provincial rank and, specifically, of l. 6 November 2012, n. 190 and l.p. 30 May 2014, n. 4

The section is being revised and built: it may therefore be subject to changes due to the updating of the content.

The functions of Head of Transparency are exercised, pursuant to art. 5 l.p. n. 4/2014, by the president Fabio Berasi. Requests for civic access pursuant to art. 4, l.p. n. 4/2014 can be sent to him, by email at :

In compliance with the Transparency Law n. 124/2017 we publish a table with the public contributions received in the calendar year 2021.

Economic benefits obtained in 2021

FONDAZIONE DON LORENZO GUETTI – F.C. 95018990226 - VAT 02528140227

01/02/21 Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Saldo progetto "Ricerca di etnografia aziendale sul patrimonio valoriale

nelle imprese cooperative delle Giudicarie"

5.225,10 €  
01/07/21 Provincia Autonoma di Trento Anticipo 80% per ruolo di capofila nel Distretto Famiglia
delle Giudicarie Esteriori
8.000,00 €  
02/07/21 Provincia Autonoma di Trento Saldo progetto "Video-intervistando: il Trentino tra
autonomia, cooperazione emigrazione e terre alte"
14.460,00 €  
07/12/21 Provincia Autonoma di Trento Saldo progetto "Graphic novel su F.W. Raiffeisen" 8.486,40 € 4% ritenuta
20/12/21 Provincia Autonoma di Trento Saldo contributo annuale 2021 58.560,00 € 4% ritenuta
28/12/22 Comune di Comano Terme Contributo progetto "Ci sto? Affare fatica?" edizione 2021 600,00 €  

95.331,50 €

Attached are the 2021 financial statements with notes to the financial statements, the auditors' report and the statement of compensation paid in 2021 through occasional collaboration