The principle of subsidiarity is a key distribution of administrative powers within a legal order.

Subsidiarity can be :
1.vertical (distribution of administrative powers among different levels of territorial government)
2. horizontal (distribution of administrative powers among local authorities and private, individual and collective figures)
3. circular. Circular subsidiarity involves the interaction among public domain (State), for-profit companies domain (Market) and the one for organised civil society (Community) in a structured and nn-occasional way.

Cooperation embodies the value of subsidiarity, as an intermediate company between the citizen and the State. Cooperation solves specific problems in the local community in the best way possible, without appealing to public institutions. Comma 4 of article 118 of the Italian Constitution states:

State, Regions, metropolitan Cities, Provinces and Municipalities promote the autonomous venture of citizens, single and associated, for the development of public interest activities, based on the principle of subsidiarity”.