Inequalities in Western developed countries, that had decreased since 1945, shockingly returned to increase during the last twenty years and this despite the massive interventions in the economy by the country.

The Charter of Values of Cooperation in Trentino says: “Solidarity wants instead to increase the mutual benefits also to new members and cooperative enterprises, to the community in general, in order to act as a counterweight towards social inequalities”.

Stefano Zamagni:In favor of the cooperative enterprise is the reduction of inequality in the distribution of incomes. In the regions or areas where there’s a strong cooperative presence, there is a less loss of incomes. This is due to the fact that the cooperative doesn’t separate - as it happens instead in the capitalistic enterprise - the moment of income production from the moment of its distribution. It should be noted that the presence of strong inequalities doesn’t only raise social or ethical concerns, but also, and I’d say above all, economic ones, causing a major impediment to the development.