Augusto Degasperi

(Trento 1893 - Milano 1966)

Brother of Alcide , he studied in Vienna and graduated in Padua. During the Great War he was sent to Galice,with the third Kaiserjäger Regiment. In 2015 the journal regarding the war period was published: “Kaiserjäger in the Carpathians. War journal 1914-1915 by cadet Augusto De Gasperi", thanks to the editing and transcription done by his children.

After coming back to Trento he accepted different cooperative roles (in the early post-war period he was SAIT president and vice-president, he took part in the Government Commission of Venezia Tridentina for the revision of consumer cooperatives and he represented the Trentino consortium at the congress of the national Federation of consumer cooperatives). By speaking at the national Federation of cooperatives in April 1923 he specified: “the greatest evidence of the power and tenacity of our organisation (...) a sign of the real solidarity that reigned and is reigning in our cooperative area. A solidarity that allowed us not only to rise from the disastrous conditions in which the war had brought us but it also enabled us to progress and improve rapidly and significantly.”

Between 1923 and 1926 he was SAIT executive director, a role he was later removed from because of his antifascist ideas, and SAIT committee (?). Moved to Milan in 1943 he started his illegal activity being part of the Council of National Liberation of Upper Italy.

In 1945 he was elected President of Eica, a white cooperatives consortium headquartered in Milan. Degasperi resumed the SAIT presidency after the war, holding at the same time also national roles: he always tried to support and improve the link between the central and national organisations and the secondary ones.

Further reading:

Fabio Giacomoni, Renzo Tommasi, Le radici della cooperazione di consumo trentina, Publistampa, Trento, 1999.