The outcome of cooperating

The Foundation took part in May 2016 in the call issued by the Caritro Foundation for the reorganisation and digitalisation of the archives presenting a project by the title ”the outcome of cooperating” with the following purposes:
a) to take a census on Guetti’s documentation that is spread in the archives;
b) to make an inventory of the Trentino Federation’s archive of cooperation;
c) to digitalise and publish online material considered of interest;
d) to use catalogued material as an educational purpose.

The Kinè cooperative, specialised in the filing and digitalisation of archive material, was entrusted to carry out the phase of the project regarding the third point with the aim, at a later time, to make available online Guetti’s documentary heritage. An heritage that will be available to young generations through school projects still under study that will involve young people both in the documents transcription and in the historical research in archive as well as in the promotion of the founding values of the cooperative movement.

In 2017 it was noted that the document storage/archive of the Federation was bigger than estimated. After consulting the Superintendency of the autonomous Province of Trento it was decided to widen the project by archiving the documents that were founded in the Facchini Verdi Cooperative’s storage. The Caritro Foundation was informed about the decision and asked about an extension to close the project.