Educational activity in schools

Since its first steps, the Foundation has been committed to enhancing the legacy of Don Lorenzo Guetti's thought and works by spreading his legacy in the schools of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

In synergy with the Trentino Federation of Cooperation, the Foundation has made available to the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro Project a series of researchers who have retraced, together with students and teachers, the living conditions of Trentino in the mid-nineteenth century and the history of Trentino cooperation of the origins.

In order to promote graphic novels in the world of schools, the Foundation has entrusted Nicola Sordo, an appreciated popularizer and theater actor, with the task of developing an innovative and participatory educational format. In May 2019, the first experiments of the creative workshop on the history of cooperation and of Don Guetti will start in the schools of the Giudicarie Esstre. The future goal is to bring the theatrical performance to every schools throughout the province.

Primary School

All for one and one for all

The awaited educational booklet "All for one ... one for all" is available in "flip book" format, published on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Trentino Cooperation, which tells the life and initiatives of don Lorenzo Guetti.
The book, downloadable in the attachment below, was created by the Federation in collaboration with the Ecomuseo della Judicaria.
The project was born from an idea of Iva Berasi and was written by children's writer Alessandra Sartori, accompanied by images, created by Stefano Ferragina.
The choice to publish the booklet in this innovative format will allow students and their teachers to browse it online, read it and comment on it in class, even through the IWB (interactive whiteboard), and to print, with an eye to ecology, only the strictly necessary copies.

To deepen the proposed activities aimed at primary school, the Cooperative Education and Culture Office is active at the Trentino Federation of Cooperation. Go at the web site

Secondary school

Cooperation and cooperative action - Stefano Zamagni

Stefano Zamagni, renowned economist and lecturer at the University of Bologna Alma Mater, presents the cooperation (the cooperative enterprise) by answering three fundamental questions during a conference organized by the Trentino Federation of Cooperation in Riva del Garda in March 2012 on the occasion of the international year of cooperation promoted by the UN:
1- What is cooperation?
2- How is the cooperative way of acting characterized compared to other ways of acting
3- Why in the current historical conditions should a young person, or a person in general, be interested in cooperative action?


The cooperation of Stefano Zamagni

Stefano Zamagni, renowned economist and lecturer at the Alma Mater University of Bologna, presents in this essay downloadable from the AICCON website (Italian Association for the Promotion of the Culture of Cooperation and Nonprofit)


For all students

A journey to the roots of Trentino cooperation

To learn about the birth of the Trentino cooperative movement, Apt Terme di Comano and Ecomuseo della Judicaria propose the Journey of Emotion to the Roots of Cooperation to retrace the places where the founder of the Trenitina Cooperation was born and lived.

Accompanied by the voice of a storyteller, you will meet characters of the time, listen to pleasant melodies and discover hidden corners of the Valle della Salute.

The participation fee includes:
-Participation in the Journey of Emotion "At the roots of cooperation"
-Guided tour to the places of cooperation (Don Guetti's village and birthplace, headquarters of the first Cooperative Family and Cassa Rurale, visit to the House of Cooperation)
-Lunch based on local products in a typical restaurant
-Guided tour of the Fiavé Palafitte Museum

For more information:

Apt Terme di Comano

Ecomuseo della Judicaria