Economic Democracy

By speaking in Trento in occasion of the convention ” The associate in the cooperation of 2000”, held in 1996 at the Federation of cooperative Consortia, the economist Stefano Zamagni specifies that “economic democracy is directly associated with member, in other words it means to place the figure of the partner again at the heart of matters. If this is true, the problem is this: “What can we do to give back centrality to the member? what can we do to improve the level of participation of the member to the decisional process?. It’s not enough to say that the member can vote against or in favor, because the member votes against or in favor according to the information that he has. Who gives the information to the member? It’s given by the same administrator, the manager himself, so the member can be fooled whenever they want. A good tool of information that is available to the members is the social budget: the way through which the cooperative enterprise shows to fulfil its mission to the members; that is a new way the member can adopt to control or closely mark the work of its own administrators (..) On a social budget, even if I’m not a technician, I have something to say”.


For more information:

B. Jossa, L’impresa democratica, Carocci, Roma, 2009