Confederation of Italian Cooperatives

It was created in 1919, body of representation and protection of cooperatives, with a matrix of Catholic inspiration based on the Social Doctrine of the Church.

In 2011 it contributed to the establishment of the Alliance of Italian cooperatives, coordinating body between Confcoop, Legacoop and AGCI.

Confcoop brings together thus far 18,500 cooperatives and it is divided into territorial structures (regional and territorial Unions) and sectoral structures (Consumption and Utility; Culture Tourism Sport; FedAgriPesca; Federsolidarietà; Habitat; Work and Services; Healthcare; Federcasse)


Maurizio Gardini, Confcoop president.


For more information:

P. Cafaro, Il lavoro e l’ingegno. Confcooperative: premesse, costituzione, rinascita. Il Mulino, Bologna, 2012