Italian alliance of cooperatives

The Alliance of Italian Cooperatives is the national coordination which is constituted by the most representative associations of Italian cooperation (Agci, Confcooperative, Legacoop).

Wth 43,500 associated enterprises it represents more than 90% of the Italian cooperative world by employed people (1,300,000), by achieved turnover (150 billion euros) and by members (over 12 millions). These are numbers that lead the cooperation to affect GDP by about 8%. The collection of cooperative credit banks is also to be considered (158.4 billion).

Italian cooperatives are a situation of great socio-economic inclusion since 58% of employed people are women and 15% are immigrants. The Alliance wants to point out that during the five years of crisis it has expanded employment by 8% despite increasing difficulties.

Cooperators and Alliance cooperatives represent, by the way:
• 15.8% of bank counters of the country;
• the first insurance group;
•34% of distribution and retail consumption;
• 50% of made-in-Italy-food farming;
• 35 billions of made-in-Italy agricultural production;
• over 90% of the cooperation committed to welfare where 355,000 people who are employed in cooperatives provide public health services to 7,000,000 Italians.

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In the first photo: the 3 presidents who created ACI in 2011. From the left: Gardini (Confcooperative), Poletti (Legaccop), Altieri (AGCI) and in the third picture the ACI president Rosario Altieri.