The house of cooperation

The “House of Cooperation” is a permanent exposition on cooperation, set up by the association “Don Lorenzo Guetti: yesterday, today and tomorrow”, it was officially inaugurated on 29th November 2009, in the presence of Diego Schelfi, already President of the Trentino Federation of Cooperation.

Situated on the upper floor of the Famiglia Coperativa in Larido, the exposition means not only to make visitors retrace a real journey through time, discovering the origins of cooperation in Trentino (“yesterday”), but also to depict the current arrangement of the cooperative movement of Trentino (“today”), showing the possible future developments (“tomorrow”).

The whole itinerary is furnished with descriptive panels and historical photos that concern the period gradually examined, to the present day. In a wide room, with exposed wooden beams, there are tools, machineries and typical objects of the agricultural society in Trentino in the latter half of the 19th century (“yesterday”); particular attention is given to the description of the phenomenon of immigration of Trentino that was studied by Lorenzo Guetti.

You can enter then in a smaller room, inside of which the studio of don Guetti was built, with documents relating both to his life and to the birth of the first Cassa rurale in Larido and of the first sales and consumers’ cooperative in Villa of Santa Croce, of which he was the promoter. Once back in the main room, the visitor can admire, in the middle, a scale model that describes the historical centre of the village Marazzone, one of the four hamlets that compose la Quadra; in this reconstruction the typical architecture of the Giudicarie villages of that time is historically interesting.

After going through some highlights of the development of the cooperative movement in Trentino during the fascist period and in the second postwar you arrive in an area that describes the “today” of the cooperative movement of Trentino.

You finally enter into “tomorrow”. It’s possible to stop for a few minutes to see two educational videos that concern the future of cooperation; against the backdrop of globalisation that leads to consider the problems of environmental protection and of developing countries, you can see how the cooperative movement may help to deal with them.

To book a guided tour of the museum you can call the number 320 4221390 or write to