Families in action/on the field,
seeds of a community

IIn a society that tends towards individualism, young generations risk being deprived of an education which transmits the founding values of cohesive and supportive communities.
The parental figure can play a key role in the transmission of this heritage of values.
However, from a preliminary survey made by the informal “talented parents” group of families of Giudicarie Esteriori, it comes up the necessity to combine, with the educational methods in use, tools and relational techniques which are aimed at enhancing their educational impact on young people.

The project considers to activate an educational program which is based on the principle of self-help. The parents will have the chance, through this tool, to communicate and share their own educational experiences and at the same time, from the active listening of testimonies from fellow parents they will be able to learn ideas and strategies that can be used in their own familiar context.
By practicing the reciprocity we mean to simplify the exploration of internal parental figures (maternal and paternal), to increase the parents’ capacity to establish authentic relationships with their own children and to offer families an educational perspective capable of making situations of fragility and conflict an opportunity to grow.

The exchange of parental testimonies and good relational practices in the educational field will be supported by the presence of dr. Ignazio Punzi, psychologist, family psychotherapist, community psychology expert and trainer, to whom these tasks are given:
1) To provide initial inputs;
2) To guide the process;
3) To encourage the learning of participatory and self-help method;
4) To facilitate a climate of trust , confrontation and mutual sustain.

The trainer will specifically use a method that is both maieutic and hermeneutical at the same time. Maieutic because a series of open questions is used to promote and guide development and self- awareness processes of their own pedagogical knowledge, built through experience. Hermeneutical because the starting point won’ t be the theories described in pedagogy manuals, but the participants’ histories, with their efforts, beauties, failures and discoveries.

The project took place between May 2019 and October 2019 and it included the organisation of four evening meetings of a residential course of one day and a half for a total of 24 hours. Both the evening and residential meetings were held at the Pastoral centre of the Parish of Santa Croce.