Alternance between school and work

The alternance school-work consists in the realisation of planned, implemented, verified and evaluated courses, under the responsibility of the educational or training institution, on the basis of special agreements with enterprises, associations and foundations.
The Foundation don Lorenzo Guetti activated projects of alternance school-work with Prati high school in Trento and Guetti high school in Tione pursuing the goals established by the statute.

Volunteers and researchers of the Foundation will be flanked in the activities relating to “the outcome of cooperating” by the young people in the period of alternance school-work.

Since the deed of incorporation, the desire of the Foundation was to undertake a project aimed at researching and enhancing the documents connected to don Guetti, starting from the places where he lived and worked. Following the participation to specific competition announcements organised by the Caritro Foundation, for the reorganisation and inventory of archives, and by the Giudicarie Community, the project “the outcome of cooperating” was therefore approved with the following purposes:
1) To research and conduct a census on Guetti’s documentation, scattered in the various archives;;
2) Digitalise and publish online the material considered interesting;;
3) To use the material which was classified for educational purposes.

During the phase of alternance school-work, boys and girls will study the person of don Guetti with guided visits to the places where the cooperation inTrentino was born and they will be mainly engaged on the activities of point 1) and 2). As regards to point 3) some workshop activities that will involve schools are being studied. In certain planning activities the boys and girls will be able to contribute by bringing their ideas and at a later time by acting as a bridge and promote the project in their own schools.