Agricultural and Industrial Syndicate of Trentino

SAIT is a cooperative of cooperatives, a second-level corporation that organises structures for the distribution of products and manages the services for cooperative societies and their points of sale. SAIT was created in 1899 by Emanuele Lanzerotti aiming to “help consumers’ cooperatives and consortia partners with cumulative purchase of foodstuffs, machinery, tools and agricultural stocks,haberdashery,manufactures, medicines etc and also provide the selling of cooperative products”. The members were then also the cooperatives of the territory, in addition to the people who held offices.

Today 370 shops of 102 cooperative societies consult SAIT (and they have the sign of Famiglia Cooperativa, Coop Trentino, Supermercati Trentini and Liberty). SAIT performs the function of centre of distribution and a role as a collector, able to maintain greater bargaining power with manufacturers.


For more information:
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