Tullio Odorizzi


Born in Cles, he studied law in Padua and he was an active part in the young catholic groups (president of the catholic university association in Trentino).

He was sent to fight in Albania during WWII and, captured by the Germans, he was sent to the concentration camps in Germany and Poland. After he went back to Trento in 1946, he became mayor with Christian Democracy and from ‘49 until ‘60 he was president of the regional Council. His autonomist positions often diverged from those of Südtiroler Volkspartei, considered too focused on the South-Tyrolean provincial autonomy with an ethnic connotation (linked to German populations).

Those were years when Odorizzi supported the use of autonomy resources to accelerate the reconstruction, support the agricultural sector in the villages of Trentino through the restart to the creation of new consortia, social cheese factories, wine cooperatives and fruit and vegetables warehouses. His commitment in the cooperative field also saw him president of the “Casse Rurali ed Artigiane” until 1983 and in Trento president of the “Federazione dei consorzi cooperativi”(1964-1976)

Further reading:

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