don Antonio Brusamolin


He was born in Valsugana, he was a parish priest in Strigno, a professor in Trento at the episcopal middle school and a journalist; he collaborated with the magazine “La Voce Cattolica”, "La Famiglia Cristiana" and he was newspaper editor of the journal "Il Popolo Trentino” from 1888 until 1891, he managed to spread religious ideals with the ideals connected to the Italian national identity of the territory in Trentino.
He was a candidate for the Assembly of Innsbruck in Vienna; he was among the first ones to search for an administrative autonomy of Trentino. At the seminary he was one of Lorenzo Guetti’s professors, he contributed to his intellectual path of building a vision of the territory with its political and social problems.
He was one of the nine members for the constitution of the Federation of cooperative consortia in Trentino, the future Federation of Cooperation in Trentino.

Further reading:

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