don Agostino Reich


He was born in Spormaggiore, he was a priest and a Math teacher. Among the scholars and popularizers of the cooperative model in Trentino, becoming active part in the promotion of the “Famiglia Cooperativa” cooperative society in Spormaggiore and Palù di Giovo and taking on institutional and administrative roles in these contexts.

Don Reich’s years were years of discussion, within the movement in Trentino, between the confessional and neutral tendencies: don Agostino Reich was part of the latter one, promoter of don Guetti’s project “head office of credit institutions”. He moved away from the Cooperative Movement after the congress in Mori where the confessional approach prevailed, focusing on teaching and administrating the episcopal Seminary of the poor. He continued his teaching activity in the following years, at the minor Seminary and at the boarding high school-middle school in Trento, until his death in 1942.

Further reading:

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